After a very long night, I finally finished capping Idina’s parts on the new Enchanted DVD! If you haven’t seen the film yet, PLEASE BE WARNED: the captures DO CONTAIN SPOILERS. If you don’t want to know parts of the ending, please don’t go through them. In all, I’ve added 238 HQ screencaps to the Gallery in the following albums: Feature Film (x203), Deleted Scenes (x17), and Bloopers (x18). You can also access the main Enchanted Gallery by clicking below.

I got this confirmed by Idina’s management, and it’s now been officially confirmed by — Idina will be performing a concert on April 14th at the Rose Hall Theatre in New York City, which will be recorded and broadcast on U.S. television channel, PBS, for the ‘PBS Soundstage’ series. Tickets are NOT available to purchase, but will hopefully open up to a handful of fans through Idina’s official site, so keep an eye out by checking back. The event is “invite-only”, but Idina DOES want her fans to be there! So she is making sure those in the area will have a chance to attend. Should be pretty incredible, and hopefully many of you will get the chance!

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