Hey everyone! I know you all have been as curious as I was about what exactly happened with Idina’s reported song in Enchanted. I hurriedly contacted one of Idina’s managers, and she was extremely helpful in finding out what went down. To quote her:

“Actually Idina’s character was never intended to sing but because it was Idina the producers played around with a song for her. Ultimately it was abandoned because the number didn’t serve the story. I got the expectation that Idina would sing but I’m happy to report she was hired for her acting chops. The film is great and she’s thrilled to be a part of it.”

Thanks so much to Heather for keeping us posted. It’s nice to know that the decision was made for the betterment of the film. smile Maybe we’ll see something about the cut song on the DVD’s special features. *fingers crossed*

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