I’ve gotten a lot of e-mails over the past few days from people asking whether or not Idina is still doing Enchanted, since has taken her name off. I just wanted to assure everyone: Idina is still filming Enchanted in NYC! She began filming her scenes several weeks ago, and plans to go into the studio next week to record the title track, which will play at the end of the movie. smile They are currently filming on a sound stage in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, so it’s not an open set in the middle of Times Square at the moment. Anyone going to the city to look for the location might be out of luck.

Anyways, I hope this settles some of your worries (and it’s also proof that IMDB is not the most legitimate source, so it must be taken with a grain of salt.)

— More updates will be coming soon, particularly more HQ images, but I’m in the middle of finals, so it will have to wait until the end of the week. Peace guys! ~ Kim

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