Eve Ensler in conversation with Idina Menzel

In June 2019, Idina Menzel moderated a talk back with author Eve Ensler at Live Talks Los Angeles and it was just made available online. Eve discussed her latest book, The Apology:

Like millions of women, Eve Ensler has been waiting much of her lifetime for an apology. Sexually and physically abused by her father, Eve has struggled her whole life from this betrayal, longing for an honest reckoning from a man who is long dead. After years of work as an anti-violence activist, she decided she would wait no longer; an apology could be imagined, by her, for her, to her. The Apology, written by Eve from her father’s point of view in the words she longed to hear, attempts to transform the abuse she suffered with unflinching truthfulness, compassion, and an expansive vision for the future.

It was a frank and unflinching conversation, so keep that in mind before watching.

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