Three years ago, Idina-Here creator Kim designed a whole mini section of the site, called the Fan Corner, designed celebrate Idina’s fans.

Sadly, the mini site never really got implemented. But, it’s time to change that! I know tons of you have met Idina, especially in recent years on her tours. If you have, I’m asking for you to contribute to making this site more worthy of its title as the premiere fan resource by getting the FANS involved. I also know many of you like to play in Photoshop and make Idina-centric graphics like LiveJournal icons and desktop wallpapers, or if you’re a more traditional artist who has drawn, painted, sketched, etc etc something of Idina, I want it all added to our special fan gallery.

I want you all to spend some time reminiscing about the time you won a meet & greet, or talked to Idina at a stage door, or sat next to her on a plane, and write it out to be archived here. If you’ve already written your story on your blog or a message board, you can provide a link to it instead of retyping it if you wish. Same goes for any and all artwork.

You can visit the instructions/submission page by clicking on the above graphic or hitting the shortcut on the right column of this page. Even if you have nothing to contribute [yet], be sure to visit the Fan Corner regularly to read other people’s stories and check out the artwork.

Hope to read about your awesome experiences soon!

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