I’ve been going through all the HQ images I have on my computer that haven’t been added to the Gallery, and I’ve put up the first of probably 2-3 updates. Most are HQs, thanks to Cassie (though a few Medium Quality pics have been included), so below is a list of which albums have been updated. Some new pics, some bigger versions of old pics, all pretty. smile


  • Broadway on Broadway 2003 (HQ – 11x)
  • Obie Awards 2004 (HQ – 18x; MQ – 1x)
  • ‘AngloMania’ Costume Gala (HQ – 9x)
  • Ask the Dust LA Premiere (HQ – 64x)
  • Ask the Dust NYC Premiere (HQ – 36x)
  • Rent Cast in Bryant Park 2004 (HQ – 2x)
  • Broadway on Broadway 2004 (HQ – 30x)
  • Drama Desk 2006 (HQ – 3x; MQ – 1x)
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