As a site exclusive, fans may now download Idina’s scenes from the 1×14 episode of Glee, titled “Hell-O,” in the Video Archive! As always, we’ll screencap, merge video, etc. for all of Idina’s upcoming episodes.

Episode: “Hell-O”
Description: Guest appearance as Shelby Corcoran
Time: 6:04
Size: 89.8 MB
[ DOWNLOAD ] | [ SCREENCAPS ] has announced the remaining episodes of Glee that Idina will be appearing in:

Episode 1×19 – May 18 – “Dream On”
Episode 1×20 – May 25 – “Theatricality”
Episode 1×21 – June 1 – “Funk”
Episode 1×22 – June 8 – “Journey”

It’s also been reported that creator Ryan Murphy has confirmed Idina will be singing in the episode that features a Lady Gaga theme. Murphy stated, “Lea [Michele] and Idina Menzel will do an acoustic version of ‘Poker Face’ that [Lady Gaga] blessed and that she wanted us to do. It’s sort of like a stripped-down mother-daughter ‘Poker Face’ that Lady Gaga was involved in.” Idina will also be performing “I Dreamed A Dream” from Les Miserables. when the show returns! Intriguing!

I’ve also added a handful of [dreaded but coveted] paparazzi photos from a March 13 outing Idina & Taye made to see the new Alice In Wonderland. Click the thumbnails below to view.

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