Happy ‘Holiday Wishes’ Release Day!

The day is finally here, ‘Holiday Wishes’ is released today!! Make sure to get your copy wherever you get CDs (remember Target has a special edition) and for most of us international folks, iTunes is the way to go for now. It was already released in Germany a few days ago and the official release date for UK is November 3rd. Check out release dates for other countries here.

If you’re in NY, Idina will be signing copies of ‘Holiday Wishes’ and ‘If/Then’ recording at Barnes&Noble (+ info here). If you go and take pictures and want to share them, send them to flor[at] and let me know how you want to be credited. If/as soon as pictures of the signing are released I’ll be adding to the gallery.

But the CD release isn’t the only news today, Idina’s new Official site is live! Check out her new website at
(the featured image in this post is from her new site, make sure to take a look at all the new pretty pictures)

And in much less exciting news, we also have a new design at It’s still a work in progress so please bear with me while I fix all the broken things.

Have you listened to ‘Holiday Wishes’ yet? What do you think of Idina’s new site? Let us know in the comments!

One thought on “Happy ‘Holiday Wishes’ Release Day!

  1. Idina you have an awesome voice & your talent is phenomenal. You blew me away in If/Then & all your other work is just superb. I’m so sorry I could not be at today’s signing @ B&N. I was there in spirit. You are truly special in so many ways, God Bless You Always! I hope you still have the card I gave you @ the stage door, the one with “Bravo!” on the cover. I know your Holiday album will set a wonderful tone for my Christmas season & really enhance the true meaning of the season. Take good care, be well & blessings to you always! Love ~Annie Engelbrecht, Brooklyn, NY

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