Hey everyone ouside the U.S! Idina’s just added a new message on her official site just for you guys! We all know Idina adored London while she was there doing Wicked, so it makes sense that she’d want to venture over there again to get the word out about her album (even before the Chess concert in May!) Check out the message below:

    To all my friends across the pond and beyond.
    Feb 08, 2008

    It is very frustrating for me to hear that you often have difficulty getting music and fun stuff, but i want to assure you that i have not forgotten about you. The logistics internationally are a little tricky but everyone at the label knows how important it is for me to connect with my friends outside of the US. They completely support it. In fact, they are taking extra special time to make sure it is done properly; which is why sometimes you feel like things are late. I PROMISE i’m comin’ over! They wont be able to stop me! Don’t hesitate to let the label know when you are not getting things. They appreciate the enthusiasm. Believe me.

    love to you all,
    Idina xoxo

Final plans might still be in the works, but it’s nice to know that she’s trying hard to make a stop. So keep your eyes peeled for further news about international promotion appearances!

In other news, Idina’s been scheduled to appear as a special performer at the HRC Greater NY Gala 2008 on February 23, 2008, which will be held this year at the Hilton New York. The Gala is honoring Vanessa Williams, and will feature performances by different artists, Idina included. The event is “black tie”, and tickets are pretty pricey, but there are opportunities to volunteer, if you are willing and able. Click here for full details.

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