Idina went on a hike/interview with the Wall Street Journal recently. Read on!

This is how we can tell that the actress and singer Idina Menzel has put at least a little bit of her New York roots behind her: “I live right up the street, and of course, I drove here,” Ms. Menzel said, stepping out of her sports-utility vehicle in workout clothes, in preparation for a hike near the house she shares with her husband, the actor Taye Diggs, and their 17-month-old son, Walker.

“Mostly I just do yoga,” Ms. Menzel said as she started up the hill. “But since I live so close I feel like I should know this hike. So, I’m using you as a guinea pig.”

It’s only recently that Ms. Menzel and Mr. Diggs (who is on the hit ABC show “Private Practice”) bit the bullet and bought a house in Los Angeles. They did it “kicking and screaming,” she said. “But we thought with the baby coming, let’s do it right. I don’t want to decorate a house we’re renting.”

“I’m kind of a homebody,” she went on. “But having a baby gets me out of the house. At least I want him to be social. I want him to have a bright happy start in the morning.”


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