This is what happens when I’m not online all the time. Some great news hits the net! Well, finally, after years of waiting, the CD cover art and track listing for Idina’s upcoming solo album, “I Stand”, have been released! It’s also available for pre-order from – Click here to purchase!

EDIT: CD cover and tracklisting are currently awaiting approval at WBR — will be re-added once finalized.

Sorry I haven’t been able to update a lot more – I’m home with family and will try to keep you all updated on recent happenings/media, but I just need to get it all organized for update. Thanks for your patience!

And be sure to pre-order “I Stand”!

edit #1: Word from Idina’s WBR camp is that will be offering a special pre-order package, so keep an eye out for that!

edit #2: Different note: Just found a great online article that chats with Idina about Enchanted, her upcoming album, Wicked (and the chances of a movie), plus her desire to return to Broadway! Click here to read the article on EDGE New York.

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