Idina & Cara Promote Library Card Sign-Up Month


Idina Menzel and Cara Mentzel will serve as honorary chairs of Library Card Sign-Up Month this month! As honorary chairs, Idina and Cara will remind everyone that one of the best place to find your voice is at the library. And during Library Card Sign-Up Month, they want you to explore all the library has to offer, like new children’s books, access to technology, and educational programming. Learn more at

“It’s a little card that goes a loud way. Let your imagination sing at the library.” — Idina Menzel

“The library is where your imagination sings. Get your library card and ‘check it out’ today.” — Cara Mentzel

A “Loud Mouse” bookmark and an Idina poster promoting reading are also for sale on the American Library Association website. On that note, “Loud Mouse” promo is starting with a new interview in Publisher’s Weekly. Here’s a short excerpt:

What was it like to create a picture book together? What do you feel you each brought to the creative process?

Menzel: It was so fun! It was a really joyful and fulfilling project. Cara is such a gifted writer and teacher—she has her master’s in elementary education and literacy. I feel like she’s my street cred. And she just knows how to capture the minds of the kids we’re trying to reach with this story. You know, in some ways, I think I brought the what to the project—what do we want to achieve here? And she brought the how—how do we go about achieving that?

Mentzel: Dee makes it easy. She’s just naturally creative. She’s the one who thought Dee should be La, la, la, LA LOUD. It was also really rewarding to work together as professionals, not just sisters.

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