Idina-Here.Com Poll

I have just one last post today, and it’s a poll! Because this site is made by and for Idina fans, I would really love to know what you look for when you visit

Some of these options are still a work in progress or don’t currently exist, and maybe I missed a few that you can add as a comment if you feel like it. You can pick up to 3 options, and any other message or suggestion you may have, please leave a comment on this post.

Thanks in advance to everyone participating in this poll, your opinion will help me get priorities set for my work around here :)

[poll id=”21″]

Note: I’m doing a comments test run, and for the time being you don’t need to register on the site to leave a comment. I do need to approve all comments before they show up on the site, so if you don’t immediately see it published please wait a few hours.

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