While the September Shutterbug contest is fully in swing (get those awesome song-inspired photos in by the 23rd!), I wanted to give everyone some extra time to start working on the October contest.

Halloween is right around the corner. Over the years, many fans have assembled awesome Idina-inspired costumes. This is your chance to try it yourself. October’s contest is going to be an Idina costume contest! Detailed rules will be posted on October 1, but the most basic rule you need to know to get started is this: dress up as Idina, whether it’s an iconic look of her own or a costume from her career.

I’m not going to place any limitations on what you can or can’t wear, the allowance of props, scenery, animals, or teams (though you’d have to fight over the 1 prize!). You can be as crazy and creative as you want! Photos will be made public just like the Shutterbug photos, so please take that into consideration for appropriateness. wink The fans will vote to pick the winner (personalized, signed lithograph), so you better impress ’em! You have until November 1 to send your photo(s) to contest[at] with “October Contest” as your subject!

Note: I know that Halloween is not celebrated in all countries by all people, and you do not need to consider this a “Halloween costume” if you do not partake in the holiday. It’s just a costume contest. smile

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