EXCLUSIVE! For the first time on Idina-Here, fans have the opportunity to WIN a limited edition item HAND-SIGNED by Idina herself!!

What is it you have the chance to win?? At the Los Angeles showcase for her new album, Idina was kind and generous enough to personally autograph FOUR rare promotional DVD/CD booklets, featuring FIVE pre-release tracks from her upcoming album and more! This opportunity is ONLY for Idina’s fans here at Idina-Here, so don’t miss out!

Beginning now, fans will have the chance to enter to win! Submission forms will be accepted NO LATER than Wednesday, January 23rd @ 12-noon (PST). So don’t delay!


Further detail about the item, as well as the giveaway competition are listed on the above page. Please be sure to read the rules carefully. Do not abuse this special opportunity.

Click below for an example of one of the autographed items:

(click to ENLARGE)

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or e-mail me. I will try to respond as quickly as possible.

EDIT: I have changed the rules to state that you can only submit TWO entries PER PERSON (as opposed to per e-mail) — it was my mistake and I wasn’t clear before. For those of you that have already submitted multiple entries with multiple e-mails, DO NOT WORRY. I will go through the entries and only count your entries from your first submitted e-mail, in order to make this a fair competition. Thank you, and sorry for the confusion.

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