Idina-Here is 15!

Idina-Here is 15 today and I’m celebrating with new Youtube channel with nearly 200 videos from the site’s video archive!! There are videos of Idina from the 1990s on, with interviews and performances from her various eras, including Rent, Wicked, I Stand, etc.

When the site was launched in 2005, Idina was working on See What I Wanna See and promoting the release of the movie version of Rent. It’s pretty cool to see how far she’s come since then! She’s released 6 albums, toured extensively (and played Madison Square Garden!), starred in the highest grossing animated film of all time (Frozen 2), sung at the Academy Awards (twice!), scored a smash hit with BILLIONS of views on Youtube (Let It Go), made Billboard Hot 100 history as the first Tony Award winner to ever have a song reach the top 10 on the chart (Let It Go), saw a musical through development and starred in it on Broadway (If/Then), celebrated televised milestones of her former shows Rent and Wicked with Rent: Live on Fox and the Wicked 15th Anniversary Special on NBC and so much more. I can’t wait to see what Idina will accomplish in the next 15 years!

As a reminder, Idina-Here has an extensive Photo Gallery with tens of thousands of photos of Idina throughout the years as well as a Press Archive with hundreds of articles, interviews and reviews. You can also take a walk down memory lane by visiting the old message board, So Beautiful.

Thank you all for visiting and supporting the site over the last 15 years! I’ve loved working on the site and meeting so many fellow fans over the last 5+ years and I’m excited to continue! I hope everyone enjoys the new Youtube channel. There are a handful of videos that couldn’t be uploaded on Youtube so I’ll figure out an alternate way to share them soon.

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