Idina-Here’s 10th Anniversary

10 years ago today, Kim’s original Idina site became Idina-Here. Happy Anniversary! It’s been a long road, with so many people involved to make the site what it is today. Read more about the site’s history.

To celebrate, we’ve been hard at work to bring you a full site redesign/revamp. Many pages have been updated, some new ones created, as well as new site sections to enjoy. Today we bring you the first part of this big revamp, which includes the main site as you see it, the newly organized gallery with its new look, and the first new section: the Quotes&Trivia Archive. All the quotes and facts you’ve been sending are there, plus a few more. Thanks everyone who helped us build the archive, and make sure to keep sending quotes and facts!

Stay tuned, we still have the redesigned Press Archive and the new Media Site to reveal in upcoming weeks!

Thanks everyone for staying with us through the years, and here’s to many more Idina moments to share!

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