Happy Black Friday to everyone in the US! Wondering what Black Friday is, or why it’s called that? It’s the biggest shopping day of the year in the US with ridiculous sales that begin at even more ridiculous times of the early morning following Thanksgiving. It’s named “Black Friday” since it’s Friday and the stores’ revenues are “in the black,” which means the day is profitable (as opposed to losing money or being “in the red). There’s your education for the day!

If you are out Black Friday shopping, you may want to stop at Kohl’s for an exclusive Wicked-licensed Elphaba Christmas ornament. It even plays “Defying Gravity,” and yes, it’s Idina’s voice! It’s currently sold out online, but some stores may still carry it, and they might restock online in the coming days leading up to Christmas. If you find one, snap it up!

Note: You may also have luck finding it at Meijer retailers, or online via Long Island Treasures. If you’re in Canada, check Carlton Cards! Thanks for the tips, Linda and Lauren!

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