A huge handfull of A-list stars aligned for the 50th birthday bash of television star, Kathy Najimy in Hollywood last night, and Idina took to the stage as the evening’s surprise guest performer!

Idina Menzel was a surprise performer, bringing everyone to their feet when she belted out “Defying Gravity” from the Broadway musical Wicked (Menzel won a Tony for her work in Wicked as the green witch, Elphaba). “Idina was definitely the highlight,” a partygoer tells me. “It was nuts. People were screaming and cheering. Kathy started crying and then Idina started crying.” (source: E!)

She is such a class act! Totally incredible, and it’s such an amazing opportunity for her! Glad to see she’s kickin’ butt all over the City of Angels. wassat If any pictures surface from the party, I will be sure to post them here immediately.

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