Idina Will Release New Live Album!

Idina Menzel announced today that she will be releasing a live album, idina:live, on October 5! The album, which was recorded while she was on tour last Summer, also features a studio version of “Bridge Over Trouble Water”. You can pre-order the album beginning Friday. The tracklisting is as follows, per Amazon:

Disc: 1

  1. Queen of Swords (Live)
  2. Small World (Live)
  3. Seasons of Love (Live)
  4. It’s Good to Be Back in Vegas! (Live)
  5. Don’t Rain on My Parade (Live)
  6. Cello & Keys (Live)
  7. Everybody Knows (Live)
  8. Cake / Black Dog (Live)
  9. I’m Not That Girl (Live)
  10. Perfect Story (Live)
  11. Wind Beneath My Wings (Live)
  12. Defying Gravity (Live)
  13. I Do (Live)
  14. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Live)

Disc: 2

  1. Rock Steady (Live)
  2. Did I Sing at Your Mom’s Wedding? (Live)
  3. No Day But Today (Live)
  4. Dear Prudence / Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (Live)
  5. Thank You to the Band (Live)
  6. For Good (Live)
  7. Let It Go (Live)
  8. Every Time We Say Goodbye / I’ll Be Seeing You (Live)
  9. Sawubona (Live)
  10. I See You (Live)
  11. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Studio Version)
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