2010 Exclusive Q&A with Idina Menzel

July 11, 2010

During the Summer of 2010, while between symphony concert dates, Idina took some time to answer some fan questions for us!

The following questions were selected from submitted questions on IdinaMenzelWorship and Twitter. An an attempt to come up with never-before-asked questions was made in an effort to learn more about Idina. Enjoy!

Q: Given the opportunity to record an abum of duets, who would you pick to sing with you?
A: Bono, Babs, Annie Lennox, Lenny Kravitz, Jeff Buckley (if he were alive), Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Shawn Colvin and tons more!

Q: How do you know when a song is 100% complete?
A: It never feels finished.

Q: What is your personal preference when it comes to singing different musical styles – show tunes, pop, rock, etc?
A: Whatever I am focusing on at the time.

Q: When will you begin working on a follow-up to I Stand? Can you give us any hints about what to expect?
A: Not yet, I’m enveloped in my concert dates right now…

Q: How has it been performing with full orchestras backing you rather than your usual band, and what led to the change?
A: I am having a fantastic experience. It allows me to explore different kinds of music and really open up vocally.

Q: You were recently on Glee. What was your favorite part of that project?
A: Meeting Jane Lynch and singing with Lea [Michele].

Q: You’ve worked with a lot of amazing performers, both on stage and in film. Given the opportunity, who would you want to work with again?
A: Susan Sarandon, Brian D’Arcy James, and my husband.

Q: If you were to recreate one of your roles on stage for one night, what would you like to revisit?
A: Not sure, I’ve already revisited RENT and Wicked, maybe Kate in Wild Party because I loved working with Brian D’Arcy James and my husband. The entire cast was very close.

Q: If you had a time machine, what’s one show you would like to have seen on its opening night?
A: Maybe Hair???

Q: You have locked lips with a number of your co-stars. Who was the best (and you can’t say Taye!)?
A: Colin Farrell in Ask the Dust. It wasn’t really a romantic kiss but it was so surreal.

Q: How has motherhood changed your outlook on life?
A: There is no time to be self involved. What matters most is my family and being the best mom I can possibly be. Everything else is secondary. It’s liberating.

Q: If you could relive any one moment, what would it be and why?
A: The first kiss with my husband. Why not???

Q: What three things can you not leave home without?
A: A cassette recorder, a pacifier, and a scrunchie.

Q: What do you order at Starbucks?
A: Decaf soy latte.

Q: What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
A: Black and white cookies.


Q: What is your favorite word?
A: Nuance.

Q: What is your least favorite word?
A: Nostril.

Q: What turns you on?
A: My son sucking on my nose.

Q: What turns you off?
A: Bad morning people. Moodiness.

Q: What sound or noise do you love?
A: My son giggling.

Q: What sound or noise do you hate?
A: My son crying.

Q: What is your favorite curse word?
A: Fuck.

Q: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
A: Being a sailor.

Q: What profession would you not like to do?
A: Toll taker.

Q: If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
A: Breathe. You were loved.

[This exclusive interview is property of Idina-Here.com, and while the information is not owned by this site, the compilation of the interview, as well as selections of questions, was done by the Webmistress of this site. Credit is always appreciated.]

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