Hey everyone! I have some fun stuff to share, since I was able to catch WBR’s “I Stand” showcase earlier tonight! It was an incredible show, and as much as I’d love to write out the full review here, I’ve actually already done it elsewhere to allow for it’s super-long length

Idina’s “I Stand”/WBR Showcase Review.

Review contains details about Idina’s live performance, the set list, as well as some great anecdotes that I’m sure she wishes I wasn’t gonna share. wassat Also included are details about after the show, when she was kind enough to come out and say hello to the small group of fans that were invited to come along! So be sure to read the review, and post your thoughts/reactions/questions here or on the LiveJournal page directly.

NOTE: Pictures (and more) will be added ASAP! I just need to get them back, and they’ll be put up immediately. Please check again tomorrow – I wanted to post the review before people got too impatient. smile Thanks everyone!

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