I’ve finally gotten around to doing some much needed updates in the Interactive Section, which includes new and updated games, plus new additions to the Fan Corner Gallery. I’m still working on formatting a few of the Meeting Idina Stories to add to the Fan Corner, but I promise they’ll be added soon. Thanks for your patience everyone who submitted. smile

Interactive Updates:

  • Sliding Puzzle
    Slide the pieces of the puzzle around until an image of Idina appears!
  • Seek a Word
    Find all the Idina-related words in a fun word-scramble!


  • Three Words to Describe Idina
  • Photo Puzzle – new puzzle added!
  • Monthly Poll – new December poll added!

    FAN ART ADDED: Beautiful icons by Brittany W. (my personal favorite) have been added to the Fan Corner Gallery. Check out some examples of her work below, then click to visit her gallery album! smile

    If you like Brittany’s work, she has an icon community, Wicked24 @ LiveJournal, that showcases her work. And if you make icons, join icontest_here @ Livejournal to take part in the weekly icon challenge! The community is now in its 148th Week!

    Also, remember, if you make graphics, consider contributing some Idina-related art to the Fan Corner by submitting the form on the main page (remember to follow the instructions)! Share your work with other fans now!

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