It took me longer to get these uploaded than I had hoped, but for those of you who are interested, I’ve added the entire Josh Groban concert at the Mermaid (which Idina appeared at), separated into two parts. I decided that I’m not going to remove the smaller, individual Idina clips – those will remain up for download, and I’ll add them to the Sounds Page sometime soon, as well. The following files are quite large, but I wanted to make them available (perhaps only for a limited time) for those that wanted them. Enjoy!

  • Josh Groban @ the Mermaid – Part 1 (feat. Idina) – 42.8 MB | 46:45 min.
  • Josh Groban @ the Mermaid – Part 2 (does NOT feat. Idina) – 41.5 MB | 45:25 min.
    (Please Right-Click and “Save Target As” to save!)

    Movie News! First, Jennifer Houlton, who directed Idina in the independent film, Water, has added a small clip from the film to (more to come in the future). If you so wish, go check it out – i cant be found at the following link:

  • WATER, a scene from the film

    Most likely, I won’t be uploading them individually to my site for download – sorry guys. But the links will always be here to direct you if you need them (unless, of course, I’m asked to remove them.) wassat

    Next on the agenda! Enchanted – the much anticipated Disney live-action/animation film being released this coming Thanksgiving season is starting to get more and more buzz! While no film trailer is available yet (teasers will likely be before the Disney films Meet the Robinsons or Ratatouille, so keep an eye out!), and no promo images featuring Idina have been released, there’s still quite a bit coming out!

    Like this article that came out last week, which tells a bit about the film and features a fantastic look at some animation stills! Take a look, and be sure to read through it (warning: info on the plot is there, so if you don’t want to know, don’t read!)

    There’s also a new line of dolls that are being released specifically for the film! While Idina doesn’t have a doll yet (there’s only one for Patrick Dempsey’s character, Robert, and Amy Adams’, Princess Giselle), that doesn’t mean there won’t be. wink Pretty cool, huh?

    International release dates have also been announced for the Disney film, and they are as follows:

    USA –> November 21, 2007
    Argentina –> November 22, 2007
    Italy –> November 30, 2007
    France –> December 5, 2007
    Austria –> December 13, 2007
    Germany –> December 13, 2007
    Netherlands –> December 13, 2007
    UK –> December 14, 2007
    Belgium –> December 19, 2007
    Australia –> December 20, 2007
    Finland –> December 21, 2007
    Spain –> December 21, 2007
    Turkey –> December 2007

    All future information on Enchanted will be posted here on this site, so keep checking back for anything and everything, especially if it’s Idina-related.

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