Wow! I’m impressed by all the comments in the last entry. smile I was gone for 4 days, and was shocked! Again, like I said before, while Idina’s working on her album, news is going to be kinda slow. So in light of that, I thought I’d just go over a few things that were asked in the comments from the previous update that other people might be thinking about (yes, I did read all of them) :

1 — No, Idina does not have a MySpace! I’ve gotten lots of e-mails, comments, etc, about this, and I thought I should answer. None are real, no matter what they say. (Oh, and Idina does not have a YouTube account, in case anyone was wondering that either.)
2 — To those who requested I create a Forum for Idina, there is already one that is officially supported by this site – It is called So Beautiful, and it has over 2200 members and was started in August 2004. Though it was formed seperately from this site, the administrator (Amanda) and I have decided to collaborate together. I recommend anyone not already a member, join now and begin discussions already in progress smile
3 — As for a change of layout?…. wassat *shrug* one might be coming soon.

K, ’nuff of that. I may have missed something, if so, just make a comment and ask again. Happy 4th everyone!

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