Listen: Idina Menzel Sings “Great Escape” from Redwood

Billboard exclusively premiered a live version of “Great Escape” from Idina Menzel’s new musical, REDWOOD! Idina also spoke with them about the show, which has its sights set on Broadway(!!).

“Ever since Rent, I have made it a priority to originate roles and shine a light on new work. It takes lots of patience and fortitude, but there is truly nothing as rewarding as seeing your kernel of an idea fully realized with a group of people you love and admire so deeply.”- Idina Menzel

You can read the full interview on They also shared some exclusive backstage photos on Instagram:

I got to see the show this past weekend and LOVED it. I posted some non-spoiler thoughts and photos on Instagram. Great Escape was one of my favorite songs and the staging is spectacular. It’s definitely a WOW moment. I was really blown away by the show and how she got to use all the facets of her voice and show not just musical range but also acting range. It’s amazing that the show now exists when it was just an idea in her head years ago. What an accomplishment! All the kudos to her, Tina Landau and Kate Diaz.

REDWOOD is currently running at La Jolla Playhouse until March 31 and though the run is sold out, they do release tickets from time to time, so keep checking back. Check back in a couple of weeks because in April I’ll post a detailed summary of the show for those who weren’t able to see it. Detailed synopsis of REDWOOD.

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