For all Idina’s UK fans: I’ve been notified that Idina will be heading over to London’s Channel 4 TV Talk Show, “Richard & Judy”, tomorrow morning to do a live interview! The show airs weekdays from 5pm-6pm in the UK, though I’m not positive that the shows recorded in the morning are the ones aired that night. (If anyone has any info on that, please let us know.) Regardless, Idina will be on, so those in the UK, get your VCRs ready to record! The “Richard & Judy” Official Site doesn’t have her listed, but I have it confirmed she’s going to the studio tomorrow morning for sure.

For the rest of us not in England, I’m being sent a recording of the show by Charlotte, who will be providing me Idina’s London press appearances over the next few months. So hopefully, if a video doesn’t show up sooner, I’ll have that for everyone to download eventually. smile

Thanks to Sara, I’ve added a complete (1:40 min) and perfect quality video of the previously added “Extra!” video segment. It’s the entire Enchanted segment, which also interviews Idina’s co-star Patrick Dempsey briefly. The video is in Windows Media format, this time, not Quicktime (sorry folks.) But it’s much better, and definitely a must see! It’s on the Television Videos Page at the bottom.

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