So I’m dumb and messed up taping “Regis & Kelly” this morning, but THANKFULLY I’ll be getting it later today. In the meantime, I HAVE uploaded Idina’s appearance on “MTV Hits” from earlier to the Television Videos Page! They were both fantastic interviews, lots of fun questions and promo stuff smile I promise “Regis & Kelly” will be up by tonight – So please enjoy! You may also notice after downloading the video that I’ve tagged it to credit this site. I understand the videos get around (particularly on sites like YouTube) and while there’s nothing I can do about it, I still feel this site should be credited for taking the time to upload them. But don’t worry! The tag doesn’t obstruct seeing the beautiful Idina! — I’ve also gotten word that Idina’s appearance on “Weekend Today” has been MOVED to Saturday morning! That’s when they have her listed to appear. I’ll be sure to tape it, just in case.

Also, last night was the NYC Premiere of Ask the Dust, and there are some gorgeous pictures of Idina at the event! Please visit the Gallery to view, and remember that I’ll be adding more images to this album as I get them tongue

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