Sorry for the delay, everyone – I know I promised this would be up really soon, but it took longer to write than I anticipated. However, I have finally finished writing the Ask the Dust review, as well as another little treat for anyone who wants major spoilers wink

The link to the review can be found here — The page includes a “spoiler-free” review at the top, as well as a “spoiler” review at the bottom. All you need do if you want to know more is scroll down. If THAT isn’t enough to satisfy you, I have also been lucky enough to be able to transcribe each and every one of Idina’s scenes in the film for all of you who wish to read them tongue That page is linked from the review itself, or it can be found here. If anyone has any questions, feel free to comment and ask, and I’ll try to answer what I can. But please be courteous to those who do not want to have anything spoiled. Thanks guys, hope you enjoy the review. I just hope it makes some kind of sense.

I’m also going to be adding these links to the Film Page in the Ask the Dust section – so they’ll be there if you want to find them again later.

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