By the grace of WBR, executives putting together Idina’s upcoming Warner Bros. Records album gave me the chance to come in to preview a small (but impressive!) chunk of the CD’s tracks. As promised, I’ve come to report back about what I am at liberty to talk about, including the planned # of tracks, my thoughts on the album versions of the songs, etc.

Songs Previewed:

  • “Brave” (new remastered version) – A beautiful track, reminiscent of Mandy Moore’s recent single “Extraordinary” in its simplicity, maturity, and grace, but with more punch at the end, making it a true power ballad.
  • “Gorgeous” (final album version) – This song is a true winner! A rock song that greatly reminds me of her 2002 Joe’s Pub originals, with intense guitar and passionate vocals. This is the track for Idina’s “Still I Can’t Be Still” fans! So far, this is my personal favorite.
  • “I Stand” – The fully orchestrated version of this song has overwhelmingly (in a good way!) strong vocals, truly a woman’s empowerment song. There is a lot of buzz about this track among the WBR team putting this CD together, and it’s on a lot of ‘favorite’ lists. I wouldn’t be too surprised to see this as a single; if not the first, then the second or third. It’s just very catchy, with a bridge and climax that is quintessential Idina.
  • “Better to Have Loved” – the version of this that I heard was about 3 versions ago, so I can’t give a full report on what will be on the album. The opening of this version didn’t really fit with the vocals later in the song, or the feel the song was going for overall. But the lyrics are stunning, working well with the faster tempo. The newest version will be different, with a re-mixed opening, so I’m looking forward to hearing it.
    — I didn’t have time to preview the whole album, so this was it for now. I’ll hear the others soon, though, so maybe I’ll be able to fill you guys in.

    Some facts I’ve been able to gather:
    – The introductional video (played before her MSG appearance) is being re-edited and fine-tuned, and I’ve been given permission to put it up on the site once Idina has approved it. So look for that both here AND on her official site. (also, HIGH-RES versions of those photoshoot shots – which are beyond gorgeous! – will also be viewable on her official site once it’s up. Hopefully here, too. smile)
    – Idina-Here may get the chance to feature exclusive video material of Idina during the recording process, interviews, etc. (I can’t make any promises, but I’ll fight hard to get some stuff on the site for you all!) is slowly, but surely, being put together. All the promo images need to be put together to create the perfect “feel” for the site (not to mention how Idina herself will be presented to the public), so be patient for those updates. I DID make a point to tell them that, as Idina fans, we want anything and everything they’re willing to put out. They made an enthusiastic note of that. wink

    Not all of the tracks have been remastered and fine-tuned for the album, but that’s going to be done this week. I should be getting a full preview sometime next week (give or take a week), so hopefully I’ll have more to report later. [and NO, I’m sorry, I will not be posting download links to the preview tracks, so don’t even ask. It’s disrespectful to Idina and WBR’s hard work.]

    edit: I also found out what Idina sang last night at the Dinner of Champions Benefit. She sang “Brave” and “Defying Gravity”.

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