Thank you to everyone who sent me an e-mail or personal message on the board regarding the NEWS section of the site (which unfortunately, would not show up for a few days.) I’ve been in and out because of a job I’m working on for 2 weeks, so I can’t be online during the day – which is why I did not catch the glitch in the archive.

The problem has been fixed, I’m hoping permanently. Spammers have targeted the comments of the news updates, which caused them to disappear. I’ve restored all the news, as well as the comments I had saved. I’m working on uping security blocks in the comments section to keep spam like that out in the future, so please be patient while I get all of that sorted out.

Again, thanks to everyone for being so understanding while I get things settled, both on the site and with my personal work-load. Thankfully, Idina is working on album stuff through the month and news has been slight. I will keep everyone updated on anything I may find out about future appearances. smile

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