Small update today. Thanks to Connie, I have gotten several new HQ/High Quality Images, and have added them to the Gallery. Most of them are just untagged LARGE versions of several of the pictures that are already on the site, but I assure you, these are worth taking a look at!

  • 2x ‘The Public Sings’ Benefit Concert
  • 11x Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2006
  • 6x ‘Rent’ Film Cast in Bryant Park 2005
  • 4x Tribeca Film Gala Benefit – 11/20/05
  • 11x ‘Rent 10’ 10th Anniversary Benefit

    All High Quality photos are marked, appropriately enough, with ‘HQ Image’ so you’ll be able to tell which is which. wink More HQs are on their way, and I will continue adding them to individual galleries throughout the week. Enjoy!

    Also, a new video feature has been put online, courtesy of, which includes footage and interviews from Monday night’s spectacular Rent 10 Benefit Concert! The link has also been added to the Streaming Videos Page, so make sure to take a peek!

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