As you can see, I’ve put up a new layout, beautifully made by Mycah @ Purple Haze, Inc. I was going to put it up a lot earlier, but I needed to re-work a lot of the coding to get the old pages to work with the new layout.

So… How do you like it?? Leave a comment and let me know, and in the next few days, look for a brand new Gallery layout and a completely separate Video Archive!

I hope you like this new layout as much as I do. It’s so fresh and beautiful, and the photos are from the Glamour photoshoot last year.

I’ve also added a new page: Donations
I’ve gotten many requests from people to put up something that they will be able to help out with — And, not to be a beggar, but monetary donations could be a great help in keeping this site alive (since it’s kind of pricey.) Just read through the page and see how easy it is to help! wassat Thanks, guys!

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