NEW OFFICIAL SITE + CONTACT IDINA + HQ PROMO PICS has just been re-lauched with a BRAND NEW LAYOUT and a bunch of new features! Be sure to register to get access to even more features! The new site definitely looks beautiful, so go take a look!

Another new feature is one I know everyone has been waiting for! Finally, fans can CONTACT IDINA, either by “snail mail” or by sending an e-mail (check the Idina-Here sidebar for full address.) So be sure to send her your support and encouragement, as I’m sure this upcoming week will be super busy and crazy for her!

I’ve had these for awhile, but since smaller versions were finally added to the official site, I figure, WHY WAIT?! Some incredibly beautiful promotional pictures from Idina’s WBR photoshoot have been added to the Gallery, and while I’m sure you may have seen them before, you definitely haven’t seen them in gorgeous high quality! Click below to view them.

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