Idina recently took some time to fill out a new Q&A for us! If you’re wondering why there wasn’t a heavily promoted submission post here, let me explain: the majority of the questions were submitted in the LiveJournal blog community I manage, IdinaMenzelWorship. I actually had the green light to do this nearly three years ago, before I began working on Idina-Here, so that’s where questions were submitted. I recently supplemented it with questions that were submitted on Twitter, along with a few of my own that I thought everyone would find interesting. Pretty much all questions asked were ones we’ve never heard the answer to previously, so it should make for an interesting insight into Idina’s thoughts on her music, career, and new life as a mother. Simply click below to read and enjoy, and my super thanks to Idina for participating!

~ 2010 Q&A Exclusive ~

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  1. Thank you so much for putting these on the website Erin! It’s amazing :)

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