While it was written on the recent promotional sites, I wanted to verify that it was indeed official information before posting it. But after talking to reps at Warner Brothers, I can confirm that Idina’s new solo album will be titled “I Stand”. The release date has not been officially announced, but when it is, I guarantee you’ll see it posted here.

I went in to visit Idina’s promotional team at Warner Brothers Records today, and a lot can be expected within the next month or so! They’re really kicking it into high-gear, reaching out to the fans and getting the world ready for all things Idina.

So far, the iLike Facebook application and the Imeem site are the only ones currently set up by the promo team, but more will come soon, including a YouTube channel, MySpace, and the new When all of those pages are launched, I’ll post about them here and make a list on the Links page.

Also, I got a sneak-peek at some of the promo images for “I Stand”‘s cover art while at WBR, and all I can say is: WOW! tongue

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