I’ve gone through my picture folders on my computer and pulled out a handful of screencaps from old things that I just never put up on the site. These were all up when the site was on a differnt host (remember that janky old site?) Anyways, I don’t know why I never added them, but I finally got around to do so, so in you’re interested in seeing them, take a look.

Updated Albums: Winner’s Circle: Tony Awards 2004, Nominee’s Reception: Tony Awards 2004, Idina @ the Cutting Room, NY1 On Stage Interview – Wicked

I’ve also added this… really random and probably totally useless page, hahaa smile — But I’ve seen it on other fan sites and thought it would be cute. In the Idina section, a section called Fashion, which includes pictures of some incredible Idina outfits on the Red Carpet, at premieres, and at benefits. I just thought it was cute, so there ya go.

edit: Also, a huge thanks to Carla, Jess, and Patrick for making donations! I’m so grateful for the support, and such generosity was very unexpected. It means so much, thank you. wassat

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