I know, I know, I promised the update earlier, but my internet wasn’t being cooperative and it took longer to update pictures. But I’ve done my best to put together a bunch of the photos I’ve had on my computer. I wasn’t able to find get the HQ versions of the “Save the Children” Benefit pictures, but hopefully I’ll get them soon for everyone. Below, I’ve listed the albums that have been updated. So take a look!

  • Save the Children Benefit 2007 (15 MQs)
  • Elisa Lipsky-Karasz Photoshoot (1 MQ)
  • Tony Awards 2007 (12 HQs)
  • Opening of ‘Romeo & Juliet’ (6 HQs; 3 MQs)
  • Wicked in London, Opening Night (4 HQs)
  • EW Upfront Party (8 HQs; 4 MQs)
  • Songwriters’ Hall of Fame Gala (2 HQs)
  • Grant Delin Outtakes (3 HQs)

    I’d also like to thank Julie G. for being so generous and making a donation to the site! This site is only possible because all of you are so supportive, and I’m incredibly grateful!

    Thank you for being patient with me. wassat

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