IMPORTANT NOTICE: So unfortunately, what I feared would happen has happened. My site’s host, Dreamhost, has alerted me that my bandwidth for this coming month is already on it’s way to exceeding it’s limit. This, I gather, is entirely due to the videos on my server that are constantly being downloaded.

This is a large problem, because I do understand that now the videos are so much easier to download, and that has made things easier on me. However, at the rate it’s going, my bandwidth will exceed past it’s limit within the next week. sad Over the next day or so, I have to think about a solution to this problem. I know most people don’t like MEGAUPLOAD as a downloading tool, but it may just end up that I’ll have to use that for all my videos. I’m so sorry, there doesn’t seem to be another solution as of right now. I’m not changing the links right this second, but I may spend tonight doing that. I just cannot afford this site going down or paying for extra space. Again, I apologize. __ Kim

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