Due to popular demand, I’m beginning to add the lyrics to Idina’s rare and/or unpublished songs, either that she wrote or performed in the past — If you were familiar with the old site, I had a similar page on there for people to reference, and several people have asked about it since the move. So! I’m building the page over the next few weeks! Right now, you can view Idina’s rare original song lyrics, such as “Jealous”, “Winter”, and “Rise Up” — Click here to view the growing list. A link to the Rare Songs page can also be found at the top of the Music Page. More songs will come in the future, I promise.

Also, the official cover art for the Rent DVD has been released online, and can be viewed here — The DVD is going to be a 2-disc, special edition release, with many behind-the-scenes featurettes and making-of videos. Again, the DVD is set to be released in the U.S./Canada on February 21st! Can’t wait tongue

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