Red Rocks Media & Idina Reveals Part Of Her Fun Surprise!

Idina appeared on a Denver area morning television show to talk about her upcoming Red Rocks show this Sunday night and revealed part of what her big surprise will be, as she hinted at on Twitter recently.  The video is online and can be viewed by clicking the picture below.  I can’t wait to hear what she sings!

And for the rest of the latest media: Idina recently did a radio interview for the Red Rocks show which can be listened to on YouTube.  While on YouTube, you can also view her latest video message to everyone attending the Red Rocks show.  And finally, there’s a nice article in the Denver Post too!  I hope everyone attending this show has a fabulous time!

And for everyone not lucky enough to go to Red Rocks to see this amazing concert, you could spend some time this weekend trying to name the songs in our new contest! ;)

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