Most might already know this, but I couldn’t update yesterday when I wanted to, so better late than never — The Rent DVD is scheduled to be released this coming February 21, 2006, according to MoviesOnline.ca. There’s no info yet on the DVD’s special features, but we’ll all cross our fingers that it’s some pretty good crap :)

Also, for anyone who is interested: The fan e-mail INBOX on Idina’s Official site has been emptied, so it can now receive new mail. (For those who are unaware, it’s been full for awhile now, which wouldn’t allow e-mails through.) — Notice: If you write her an e-mail, there is NO GUARANTEE that she will respond! I’ve gotten dozens and dozens of e-mails about a contact address for her, and while there’s no official “snail mail” address as of right now, this e-mail is the best option for fans. But please, don’t abuse it. If too many people do, the e-mail address may not stay active for long. The e-mail is: fanmail@idinamenzel.com.

Happy Holidays, everyone! I might be doin’ something with the site as a holiday treat, so keep an eye out for that ;)

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