No, I’m not dead, I promise. My senior year of college is getting under way, and I’ve been distracted on many levels, so I apologize for my absence these past few weeks. I’m getting together a handful of pictures (many HQs!) that have piled up in my Pictures folder this summer, and I plan to add them to the site in the next day or two.

However, now I wanted to comment on a few rumors that are going around.
#1 – Idina and her relationship with husband, Taye Diggs.
I have gotten an unbelievable amount of mail sending me gossip-rag site links talking of relationship trouble, or inquiring about what is happening with them. As I’ve stated many times before, I do not comment on matters regarding Idina’s personal life. All I can say is that Idina is still together with her husband, and any and all gossip suggesting otherwise is exactly that: gossip. Rumors may continue, but the only instance in which I’ll say anything regarding troubles or the like on this site will be if a statement is released officially by Idina’s people. Only official information — no rumors!

#2 – Idina appearing in Australia’s production of Wicked
100% NOT HAPPENING. That is straight from her representatives. No Australia production nor any other production of Wicked is in Idina’s future. In case anyone thought otherwise, I wanted to clear things up.

Next, I have some info regarding a special Idina appearance. Slowly but surely, she’s beginning to come public with her new material from her solo album. According to her reps, she’s scheduled to be a featured performer at the Save the Children Benefit at Avery Fisher Hall in NYC on Sept. 6th. Idina is a member of the Honorary Committee for this 75th Anniversary Benefit.

Performing at the benefit will be singer, songwriter, and actress Idina Menzel, who won the Tony Award in 2004 for her performance as Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West, in the smash Broadway musical “Wicked.” She will be giving a special performance during the evening in addition to Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars who are also scheduled to perform throughout the night. (source)

I’ve also heard rumblings that Idina has been popping up around LA for small gigs during the past couple of weeks, premiering her new material. If I hear anything about future gigs, I will post about them here. Hopefully some fans will get the chance to see our girl in action! smile

As I said before, a picture update will be coming soon, and I’ll be adding a bunch of new affiliates! Sorry to everyone who has been waiting for me to add what they’ve sent me. I’ve needed to organize everything, so hopefully it’ll be up and available soon. (And no, I did NOT forget about the Interactive section — I needed to change some of the game coding, so I will likely add that soon too.) Thanks guys!

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