Show Business, the Broadway documentary featuring Idina and a behind-the-scenes look at Wicked and 3 other shows, has been released on DVD in the U.S.! I don’t have international release date information, but if anyone would like to post a comment with anything they’ve heard, you are welcome to do that. smile

I made the effort to crawl out of bed this morning and get the DVD, watch the film, and make screen captures of anything/everything Idina! The documentary is very interesting, and a great look at the creation of these Broadway shows. I highly recommend that anyone interested in theatre, the Tony Awards, or just documentaries in general, check out this DVD. To purchase the DVD off of, click here. The DVD is also available at retailers like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart (just to name a few.)

I have made caps of the Feature Film, as well as any part featuring Idina in the Special Features. Added to the Gallery are 144 screen captures for you to take a look at by clicking on the thumbnails below!

Off-Note: To anyone who is waiting for me to add their site as an affiliate, please know that I am trying to reorganize my Affiliates page and delete some dead sites. I have a lot of sites to add, as well, so I need to get that done. Please be patient! Thanks!

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