Hi, everyone! If you’re a regular visitor, you’ve probably noticed at least one of two things:

1) We’re still experiencing “hackings” by various exploiters. I’m still troubleshooting it, and while it’s happening with less frequency than it used to, it’s still happening, and even one time is too often. Certain browsers may give you a scary “this site may harm your computer” screen when you navigate to the site. My apologies for this, but it happens when Google catches an infection before me, so they block the site to help prevent innocent users from having their computers infected. I check the files multiple times per day, but I can’t always catch the infections immediately, so I ask that you all diligently scan your PCs using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software, in addition to your usual virus scanners. Portions of the site may be unavailable in the coming days/weeks as I continue troubleshooting this. Make sure you follow our Twitter page, where I will announce when pages will be down. I thank everyone for your continued patience with this frustrating situation, and I appreciate everyone who notifies me when they see there’s an infection.

2) Since news is non-existent right now, I thought it would be fun to reminisce about our favorite Idina moments. Head over to our sister community on LiveJournal to watch everyone’s favorite performances and contribute your own memories.

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