Site Updates and Donation Drive Once Again

It’s that time of year again when asks for help in paying the annual hosting fees.  If you enjoy this site, please consider clicking on the button below to donate to our hosting fees fund.  Even a dollar or two can make a big difference!  You can also see more information on the donation page.

How to donate:

-If you choose to donate $10 or more, just click on this button to be taken to Dreamhost’s PayPal page.  The money goes directly to the hosting fees (not to me!).

Donate towards my web hosting bill!


-If you choose to donate less than $10, you must use PayPal to send me the amount at Jill(at) and I have to transfer the money to Dreamhost.  They’ve recently changed the minimum amount of donation that is accepted for the direct transfers.


And as an added thank you, I’ll randomly choose one donor of $2 or more to receive a prize pack of a t-shirt and signed headshot.  Donations will always be accepted, but I’ll choose one winner on September 30th, so donate by noon EST on September 30th to be qualified as a participant.


I appreciate any donations of any size!  I am looking forward to all to come in the next year, with the release of Frozen, Idina’s return to theater, and whatever else she has up her sleeve!  We’ll have lots to post and talk about!


Speaking of Idina’s return to theater, a little sneak preview of If/Then has been released!  Check it out!


TV Alert: A clip about Idina’s A BroaderWay charity and camp is supposed to air on the Today Show on Thursday, September 19th.


Gallery Update:  the gallery has been updated with recent pictures from the US Open and the Disney Expo for Frozen

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