About the site

The Beginning:

Back on October 12, 2004, the original ‘Idina Menzel ~ Here: The Ultimate Fan Base’ was launched. I wanted to put together a couple of pages that could give some general information, show off some great pictures, and help out Idina fans with current news and events — it was a simple site with not a lot of features, but it soon grew into one of the most popular Idina fan sites on the net.

I had so much fun getting in touch with other Idina fans, and thanks to some amazing people out there, I was able to get ahold of videos, pictures, audio clips, and information that I normally wouldn’t have access to. To those people (I’m sure you all know who you are), I give my greatest thanks. Because of you, this site has developed and transformed into a truly informational reference base.

After a year of building and moving things around, I realized it was time for a change. Traffic for the site was picking up, more pictures were coming in, and of course, Idina herself was breaking out into the mainstream world of Hollywood and super-stardom! I knew that the only way to do Idina and her fans justice was to expand the site so it could have a domain name of it’s own!

The Change:

So, just past the 1-year-anniversary of it’s creation, ‘Idina Menzel ~ Here’ officially became ‘Idina-Here.com’ on October 14, 2005! Thanks to it’s new host, Dreamhost, I’ve been able to organize and build the site exactly how I imagined it could be, without any limitations!

This site is built for the fans, and what’s most important is that anything a fan could want to find or know about Idina, it deserves to have a section here on the site. So please, if something is missing here that you’d like to see represented… or there are questions you have about a particular section… or you have an entirely new idea for something that’s already here… I’d love to hear about it. :) Contact me anytime and I’ll do whatever I can to help you out (I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to put it together, but it’s worth asking!)

Hopefully, you’ll find all you need to know here, so have fun! ♥

The Update:

In spring 2006, the staff of Idina-Here.com was contacted by Idina’s representation, and guess what? Not only was Idina a fan of the site, but she was interested in keeping the staff up-to-date on her happenings. With her managers aiding in news and clarifications, this site became the first and only site on the net to post all true and accurate info – no gossip or lies here!

As a gift to the staff and the site, Idina sent a few personalized, autographed message praising the site.

More Changes:
In 2008, Erin took over the site from Kim. She stayed until 2011, when Idina personally retained her to assume control of IdinaMenzel.com. She now maintains Idina’s official website and social media channels and coaches her on Twitter.

After Erin’s departure, it was Jill’s turn to keep building Idina-Here, and she did until 2014 when Flor took over. In early 2015, Heather came on board.

Many changes were made to the site during these years: design changes, new sections like the Press or Quotes Archives, exclusive Q&As with Idina… Thanks for being with us all these years, and we hope you stay with us, there’s still so much to come!

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