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Idina is scheduled in the celeb-filled line-up of an upcoming benefit concert titled The Public Sings, which will take place on January 30, 2006 — Tickets range from cheap to super expensive, and go on sale December 2nd. Read more about it here at I have also added the concert information to the sidebar for quick reference, along with Idina’s other current projects. :D She’s a busy girl!

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Go check out the upcoming Dec./Jan. 2006 Issue of “Interview” Magazine (with Reese Witherspoon on the cover), which has an incredible Idina interview and some amazing pictures! Salma Hayek, her Ask the Dust co-star, gives the interview — I have added some fantastic, HUGE scans of the 4-page spread to the Gallery! Also, if you take these scans, please credit this site for them, since they were incredibly difficult to scan well. Thanks guys!

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Thanks again to Carly to sending this video my way – The episode of “The View” from this past Friday has been added to the Television Videos Page for download – It’s a great video, and I know that many people on the West Coast weren’t able to see this (damn football!), so have fun viewing it! Some very cute Idina (and Idina/Taye) moments, so it’s worth a look :D Thanks for being to patient while I got ahold of it.

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Idina recently filmed a PSA for Cable Positive to further awareness of HIV/AIDS issues for World AIDS Day on Dec. 1st — Her PSA is currently available online to view, and you can find the link on the TV Guest Videos Page. Several pictures of the shoot can also be found here.

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Released today, available in newspapers across the country, the Rent cast is featured in LIFE Magazine (3 different covers!) — Idina is on the cover with fellow castmate Jesse L. Martin, and there is a great 5 page article with pictures! I’ve added HUGE scans of the cover and the entire article to the Gallery, so check them out, and to see if ‘Life’ magazine is in a newspaper near you, click here to go to

I have just stumbled across a few outtakes from the ‘Life’ magazine photoshoot, courtesy of Karina Taira – I have added them to the Promotional Photos section, and hopefully I’ll run across more later on that I can add as well. :D

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There is a new interview from featuring Idina, where she speaks about everything from SWIWS, Wicked, Evita rumors, and the experience of making RentClick here to read.

Also, just a reminder, if anyone has any fan pictures with or of Idina, and they would like the pictures to be featured in this site’s Fan Photos Album in the Gallery, feel free to email me with the attached pic(s), who’s featured and where the picture was taken. The pictures I have received so far are gorgeous, thanks to all who have contributed! If you haven’t viewed the album yet, take a peak!

This past Tuesday, the cast of Rent made a special appearance at the Apollo Theatre before a screening of the film for over 1,000 students in the local area. They performed “Seasons of Love” on the infamous stage, and was there to capture some fun pictures! I have added them to the Gallery in their very own album :)

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As everyone probably knows, Idina’s major motion picture debut, Rent, opens in US theaters today! I’m sure almost all of you have already seen it (I myself am seeing it tonight), but encourage everyone you know to go and enjoy this wonderful story :) I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving (or holiday) weekend, and I’ll try to update with something more substantial later on.

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I’ve added the video of the Rent cast’s appearance on “The Ellen Degeneres Show” today, and the great quality clip can be found on the Television Videos Page. Remember to reference the sidebar’s “Upcoming Appearances” list for any future TV guest spots.

I’ve also added a few pictures from the Tribeca Film Institute’s Gala Benefit at Nobu, which featured a screening of Rent last night and Idina and a few cast members were in attendence. Hopefully I’ll find more from the event, so keep checking back to that album, just in case :)

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For anyone who wasn’t feeling 100% about the TV appearances (myself included, this was a nice verification), the “Ellen Degeneres Show” Official Site now features a listing for the Rent cast’s appearance, this coming Monday, 11/21 – The cast filmed today in NYC under the Brooklyn Bridge and sang “Seasons of Love”. Be sure to tune in on Monday. [GALLERY update: A few images from the filming this morning have been added to the Gallery, so take a look)

Also, the upcoming appearance of the cast on “The View” has also been listed on their Official Site — This coming Friday, 11/25, the entire hour will be dedicated to Rent, and the entire cast will be there, singing what I imagine will be several songs. Both of these videos I will try to post as soon as I can. It IS Thanksgiving weekend, and believe it or not, I have a life that I may need to attempt living since I’m going to be home. But worry not, they will all be up in time :)

Several new videos have been added to the video pages for you to check out: On the Streaming Videos Page, news footage from the Rent film premiere have been added from WB11 and the Associated Press. Both are great and feature Idina interviews. Also on that page, there is a 30-minute behind-the-scenes look, with interviews and clips, from – Very interesting, and the questions are new and different.

That’s all for now folks! Check back later :D

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Like I said before, I would add the entertainment news airings of the Rent premiere interviews — I have added the clip from “E! News”, which features the most adorable Idina&Taye moment, on the Television Videos Page.

I’ve also added a link to a new video, put up at, on the Streaming Videos Page – The video features great interviews with the cast (Tracie and Idina together, so cute), and you should definitely take a look!

Again, I’ve added MANY more images from the premiere in the Gallery, including many great un-tagged photos from the Red Carpet, as well as the after-party event.

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Images of the World Premiere in New York City have been added to the Gallery! Idina and the rest of the cast look stunning, and I will continue to add images over the next few days as I get them. So keep looking back for nice, big, clear images :)

And remember, be sure to tune into shows like “E! News”, “Access Hollywood”, “Extra” and “VH1” for footage from the Red Carpet event.
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Tonight is the WORLD PREMIERE of Rent in New York City at the Ziegfeld Theatre – According to the, the cast will arrive at the premiere at 6PM, so if you’re in the city, you’re encouraged to show up and show support to everyone as they walk the Red Carpet! I’ll be putting up any media (i.e. videos, photos, etc.) of the event as soon as possible, so be sure to check back Friday for more!


  • Rent Behind-the-Scenes VH1 Special @ 11PM – 11/22
  • Rent Behind-the-Scenes Special on E! @ 8:30AM – 11/24
  • Rent Cast on “The View” – 11/25

    and to see brand new, full clips from the movie, click here, and see Idina in the “Take Me or Leave Me” clip!

    In the Streaming Videos section, I’ve added a link to a great cast interview with Idina, Anthony Rapp, and Wilson Heredia, which also features some awesome footage of the new movie mixed with old Original Broadway Cast stage footage.

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    Completely unbeknownst to me, the ENTIRE cast of Rent was on “The Today Show” this morning. While it was originally said to be just Rosario and Jesse, it was actually everyone. This means IDINA WILL NOT BE ON ‘THE TODAY SHOW’ TOMORROW MORNING! I’m so sorry about this, everyone, there was no announcement and I missed it. I’m am tracking down a good quality video right now, so just give me some time, and I promise I’ll have it up as soon as possible. I apologize again for those of you who were relying on this site for information. I was surprised too, so hopefully this will not happen again. Thanks.

    EDIT: Video clip of the appearance has been added to the Television Videos Page, thanks SO much to Carly for uploading it and sending it to me :) My forever thanks. So go ahead and download it, it’s a great appearance, and Idina looks adorable.

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    This morning, 500 lucky people were admitted into the Times Square Virgin Megastore to have a CD signing with the Rent cast! Images of the signing have been added to the Gallery, and also, a heads up: The cast was interviewed by several TV crews, including the Rent-loving “Access Hollywood” – So be sure to check out “Access Hollywood” on NBC (check your local listings for exact time and channel) – If they’re on, I’ll try to put the video up as soon as possible :)

    NOVEMBER 12, 2005     BWAY on BWAY 2001 VIDEO + PROMO IMAGE!
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    By popular demand, I’ve decided to put up the very rare video download for Idina’s 2001 “Broadway on Broadway” performance of Aida‘s “My Strongest Suit”! The video can be found on the Television Videos Page, and I ask that you PLEASE respect that this is an exclusive clip and, like many of the other videos, shouldn’t be distributed on other sites. Just point people to the page, and it’ll be here. :) Enjoy it! It’s a little shakey, because it’s from a handheld camera, but it’s a great video.

    I’ve also added a few new affiliates, so be sure to check these amazing sites out! Bryce Howard Online, an amazing site for actress Bryce Dallas Howard, and Anderson Avenue, a comprehensive site for Gillian Anderson!

    Thanks to Abbey of Bryce Howard Online, a GORGEOUS, High Quality image of several members of the Rent film cast has been added to the Gallery! It’s stunning, and though I’m not sure which Photoshoot it’s from, I will rename the album once I find out – In the meantime, please take a look!

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    This was released a bit ago, but I realize I forgot to announce it: Courtesy of, there is a Video Feature of Idina’s new show See What I Wanna See, showing several long clips from the show, including many of Idina’s songs! I posted a link to it in the Streaming Videos Page, or you can click on the previous link to go directly there.

    Some quick news, make sure to tune in to “The Ellen Degeneres Show” on November 21, 2005 to see an appearance by the entire Rent film cast in NYC! Check your local listings for times and channels, but I will also put the video up on the site as soon as it airs here on the West Coast.

    I’ve added many new photo albums, some professional photos, some screen captures of certain things – The large updates are: (1) 79 caps from “Broadway: The American Musical” DVD + Features, (2) 124x from the Salvatore Ferragamo Fashion Show – 6/23/05 with husband Taye, and (3) 88 caps from the “Starz! On the Set: Rent” Special — Check them out!

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    EXCLUSIVE! Thanks to the amazing Carly, I have uploaded the new Starz! “On the Set” Rent Special and placed the link on the TV Videos Page! So head over there and download it quick, because there’s amazing new film footage and interviews from the cast (including, of course, an incredible-looking Idina!) Have fun! And enjoy!

    Also, thanks so much to everyone who has sent in their fan pictures! They look amazing! To anyone who has pictures to contribute and would like to see them presented in the Fan Gallery, send them along to with the guidelines listed below in the previous update :) Can’t wait to see more!

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    Wow, I think this has the longest I’ve gone without updating this main page since I opened the site! Remarkable :) Anyhoo, I am currently starting to collect fan pictures with Idina, that includes pictures of you WITH her at the stage door, at events, on the Rent set, after concerts, etc… as well as pictures OF her at stage doors (no STALKER pictures though! Those I refuse to put up, because they’re creepy!) — I am planning on creating more Fan Photo albums, each dedicated to different places (right now in the Fan Photo Album, there is a Wicked Stage Door section, a See What I Wanna See Stage Door Section, and I plan on adding many more) — If you’re interested, please feel free to e-mail me any amount of your photos, the bigger, the better (but no larger than 2MB). I’ll try to maintain their original size.

    Also, please include the following information: (1) Your name and/or the names of the people included in the photo, (2) Where the picture was taken (i.e. Zipper concert, SWIWS, Lilith Fair, be specific!), (3) put in the title of the e-mail “Fan Picture(s)”, (4) make sure to put the files on as attachments, (5) and include any other information, including comments, if you’d like (but not too long).

    Can’t wait to see them all! You may have already sent me them, so take a look and see if I’ve already put yours up. If I have, and you’d like revised information, go ahead and e-mail me! E-mail to :D

    Also, according to TV Listings, Idina is scheduled to appear on NBC’s “The Today Show” on November 17th, 2005 — I don’t have information on the exact time, but once I know, you’ll know :) I’ll also put the video up as soon as I can, so if you miss it, you’ll be able to download it here.

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    After searching all around the LA area, I finally came across the new December 2005 issue of Glamour magazine, which features a STUNNING 4-page spread on Idina, titled “What to Wear For Your Big Break” :) I was able to make mucho-huge scans, so you can easily read the small article with it – Later tonight I plan on updating the gallery again with some other photos, so check back later.

    Over the weekend and the beginning of next week, I plan to add the lyrics to Idina’s songs (and her rare songs, as well) to the site — Right now, I’ve completed putting up ALL the lyrics from her “Here” album, and I’m in the process of putting up her songs off of “Still I Can’t Be Still” – I thought it best to do her solo albums and then work my way down. These lyrics can be found on the Music Page. So keep in mind that lyrics are on their way! :D

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    Finally, I was able to go and get the new issue of The Advocate magazine (Nov. 8, 2005 Issue), which features Idina, Anthony Rapp, and Wilson Heredia! There’s a fantastic new article in there, and also some great new pictures! The issue is on newsstands now, so go check them out if you get the chance! I’ve also added the scans of every single page (big enough to read the article!) to the Gallery :)

    I’ve also just found out today that Idina will be featured in a fashion spread in the upcoming December 2005 issue of Glamour Magazine! As far as I’ve seen, it’s not on all newsstands yet, but it of course will be soon :D Can’t wait! K, many many more updates coming within the next few days – So check back later.
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    Yesterday, Idina and the cast of See What I Wanna See went into the recording studio to lay down the tracks for the upcoming Cast Recording, and and were there to take a few pictures! I’ve added the ones of Idina to the Gallery, so take a look below :)

    Also, I’m going to be adding a LOT more pictures over the next few days, so keep checking back – If it’s a large update, I’ll most likely post about it here and make an announcement, but I’m constantly adding a few pictures here and there – So to see those updates, just go to the Last Uploads page in the Gallery.

    NOTE: Since it’s a brand new month, I’ve added all the October updates to the October 2005 News Page in the Archive, if you want to look back.

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