NEWS: OCT. 2005

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K, I just spent all of last night fiddling with the Gallery, trying to make it look a little prettier. Hopefully I was successful, haha. The general layout is still the same, but I changed the colors, added a header, and made it a little more ‘Idina’ — hey, I’m still learnin’ ;) So go take a look at it and let me know what you think, leave a comment in the Guestbook or drop me a line.

I’ve also added a couple outtakes from the Rent cast’s ‘Elle’ Photoshoot with Art Streiber (thank you to Joliz and Rosario Dawson Online for the photos!) – They can be found in the Gallery:

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A video feature from Idina’s opening night of See What I Wanna See, courtesy of the wonderful, has been added the Streaming Videos Page (at the bottom) — The video includes interviews from the cast, including o’course, Idina, as well as video footage from the actual show! So go take a look, it’s awesome, and Idina looks just as hot singing “See What I Wanna See” as she sounds ;) — That’s a quick update for now, I’m sure there’ll be more shortly, so check back later.

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K, over the past few days, I’ve added a bunch of images to the Gallery for various past events, performances, etc. So I thought I’d take the time to let you all know what’s new on there — Also, new images (some tagged) have been released from the Opening Night Red Carpet Arrivals of Idina’s show, See What I Wanna See, which premiered last night at the Public in NYC! Check those out as well, and follow the other links to different albums.

  • 8 x U.S. Open Men’s Final 2003
  • 5 x Wicked Broadway Opening Night – 10/30/03
  • 17 x Tony Awards 2004
  • 24 x CFDA Fashion Awards 2004
  • 40 x Manchurian Candidate Film Premiere
  • 13 x Tony Awards 2005
  • 5 x Heinekin Launch Party
  • 30 x Rent @ “The Today Show”
  • 14 x Rent Cast @ Bloomingdales Window Unveiling
    posted by Kim @ 3:10PM  

    It has been officially announced that the World Premiere screening of Rent will take place in New York City at the Ziegfeld Theatre on November 17th @ 7PM! (Read more about it here.) The cast, creators, and many other celebrities will be present, and I promise to put up as many Red Carpet photos as I can get my hands on :) If anyone is going to watch the Red Carpet arrivals, have fun!

    It’s also been announced (on that Idina will be singing “For Good” from her old show Wicked at the upcoming ‘Broadway Meets Country’ concert in NYC with country super-star, Trisha Yearwood! I’m sure that’ll be incredible, definitely a new spin on the song.

    10 incredible NEW HQ Rent Movie Stills! These are so great, and Idina is in so many of them (check out her hot Cat-Suit photo!) They’ve been added to the Gallery, so go check them out :) From that site, I’ve also exchanged the older stills with NEW HQ (aka High Quality) stills, so they’re bigger and prettier for you guys!

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    This morning, a new Rent video BLOG has been added to the Official site, featuring Adam, Anthony, IDINA, and Jesse at a ‘LIFE’ magazine photo shoot! (Anthony hints the ‘LIFE’ issue will be released around the same time as the film around Nov. 23rd) :D Anywhoo! The video can be be found at, and I’ve also added the link and a cute little cap to the Streaming Videos Page. More screencaps will be added to the gallery soon, maybe tonight, ’cause Idina’s just so cute in this one.

    Also, I’ve added some pictures of Idina and some of the Rent cast at the unveiling of a Rent the movie-themed Bloomingdale Window in NYC this morning :) Hopefully more pictures of the event will be coming in soon, and I’ll continue to add them to that album – Enjoy!

    OCTOBER 24, 2005     NEW RENT VIDEOS!
    posted by Kim @ 5:20PM  

    I have added 2 new Rent Videos to the Trailer Videos Page — the Rent TV Spot #2, as well as the BRAND NEW “Out Tonight” Music Video (courtesy of Sony Pictures and VH1!) — The link there will download both videos to your computer, so you don’t have to redownload them or go through streaming videos. So go check them out and enjoy them!

    Also, I have added a couple screencaps of Idina’s shots from the new music video to the Gallery! They give some good hints about what’s going to happen with her and Tracie’s characters ;) So click below to view those as well — EDIT: I’ve updated the caps, put more in there and they’re much bigger now, better quality! So take another look if you’d like :)

    posted by Kim @ 4:50AM  

    I have added a new video (which is actually pretty old) of Idina and the Original Broadway Cast of Rent performing live on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” back in November 1996! The video has been added to the top of the TV Videos Page (the one that says NEW! next to it!) — Go check it out, it’s amazing to watch them all back in the day!

    Also, some site stuff: I’ve added several new affiliates to the Affiliates Page, including Rachel McAdams Online, Joy: A Stephanie J. Block Fan Site, and an up-and-coming new Idina fan site, Sentational. Take a look at them when you can.

    I’ve also finished a few more of the smaller pages and gotten some others started. First, thanks to Brittany, I’ve added a couple gorgeous decorative wallpapers to the Wallpapers Page, so you’re all welcome to use them where you wish :) Secondly, I’ve put up new info on the About the Site Page and the About Me Page (info on the webmistress).

    More pages will be finished soon, and of course, as always, more Idina news/updates are on the way!

    posted by Kim @ 2:40PM  

    I’ve added several affiliates to the Affiliates Page, including the phenomenal Rent fansite,, Julia Murney Online, and Justin Kirk Online. Go take a look at these great sites, and if you’re interested in applying to be an affiliate, drop me an e-mail.

    MOVIE NEWS! For once, not Rent — The film, The Tollbooth, which Idina co-stars in, is officially being released in theaters on FEBRUARY 3, 2006 in NYC and Long Island! A wide theatrical release all depends on the success of this limited run, so anyone in the area, be sure to go check it out and take your friends! Director Deb Kirschner has said that she hopes for a DVD release 6 months after that, so if you want to see Idina, support and spread the word! Visit the Official Tollbooth Site for more information on dates and festival screenings! (I’ve added a section to the sidebar of the site for the movie just as a reminder.)

    Also, go check out the current issue of ‘Dance Spirit Magazine’ (November 2005 issue), where there is a great article about the choreography in the film version of Rent! The article isn’t solely about Idina, but it features some great pictures from the movie, including a great one of Idina performing in “Tango: Maureen” :) Go check it out in the Gallery (thank you Jacqueline for the enormous scans!):

    posted by Kim @ 5:00PM  

    The Rent Blog has added a BRAND NEW video clip featuring a really short montage of scenes with Idina’s character, Maureen, singing her amazing duet, “Take Me or Leave Me”! The Video link has been added to the Streaming Videos Page, but it can also be located at the — She looks absolutely stunning, as usual, so go check it out and leave her a comment in support :)

    In other news, See What I Wanna See is officially being recorded by Ghostlight Records, a branch of Sh-K-Boom Records that specializes in recording musicals and music by musical performers — There is currently no release date for SWIWS, but you can visit and sign up to a mailing list to be notified when the recording becomes available!

    Idina is featured in the November Issue of ‘VOGUE’ Magazine, on page 215, as the person “People Are Talking About”! There’s a gorgeous picture of her (look at the Gallery update below), and the issue is on newsstands now! She’s ALSO featured in TODAY’S issue of “Women’s Wear Daily”, a daily women’s fashion publication that I believe is only available in New York (I may be wrong, but I haven’t seen it on the West Coast) — Either way, her issue was this morning, and if you’re a subscriber, you can view the article at, OR… Check out our gallery :)

    (a lot of updates today!) I have added some images of Idina at the premiere of husband, Taye Diggs’ new Off-Broadway show, A Soldier’s Play, last night. — Also, the scan of Idina in the November 2005 issue of ‘VOGUE’ magazine, and then her awesome pic/article in “WWD”! So go take a look in the Gallery:

    posted by Kim @ 5:55PM  

    Idina and Rent co-star, Tracie Thoms, are featured on the cover of the November issue of ‘Curve’ Magazine, the largest lesbian magazine in the country – Inside is a 4-page spread, with a fantastic interview and brand new photos from the movie featuring our favorite couple :) This magazine isn’t quite as widely circulated as ‘Premiere’ or ‘EW’, but you should be able to find it at your nearest Borders or Barnes & Noble, or any other national bookstore that has a large magazine section.

    I’ve scaned all the images from the magazine, and they’re now in their own album in the Gallery. Idina and Tracie both look so stunning, and give the article a read, it’s awesome!

    OCTOBER 16, 2005     MORE SWIWS CLIPS!
    posted by Kim @ 2:55PM  

    I added a few more audio clips of Idina’s performance in See What I Wanna See (I think I’ve discovered my new favorite Idina song, and it’s called “No More”! – Definitely giving my previous favorite, “Cornet Man”, a run for its money!) – So go take a listen at the Theatre Sounds Page. I may add more or 2 more in the next day or two if I can get them cut up, but these here are the best of the best :) Idina’s talent never ceases to amaze me.

    posted by Kim @ 10:41PM  

    In honor of some awesome news I heard regarding See What I Wanna See and a possible ALBUM recording (after being asked about it following a recent performance, cast member Henry Stram said that the cast is planning to go into the recording studio to make the CD on Oct. 30th! – this hasn’t officially been announced yet, but I wanted to let you all know that it’s most likely going to happen) – So, like I was saying, in honor of the album, I have added a short audio clip of Idina singing the title song in the show, “See What I Wanna See” (which sounds incredible!) to the Theatre Sounds Page.
    Hope you enjoy it while it’s on here – Once the CD comes out, I’ll remove the clip, because any music of Idina’s the you can purchase legally in stores I’m not going to provide clips for (just for future reference.) Happy listening : )

    posted by Kim @ 2:30PM  

    WELCOME! Today is the GRAND OPENING of one of the most popular Idina fan sites on the net and it’s NEW and IMPROVED location! With it’s own domain and more appealing layout, this site can finally do Idina and her fans justice when it comes to offering ALL things ‘Idina’!

    Right now, this site is almost completely finished, though some small pages aren’t there yet (they will be soon, however) — But already, you can find Idina’s video and audio clips in the new “Media” section, and HUNDREDS of incredible pictures in the comprehensive gallery (which will soon be re-designed to match this site, but the pictures are still accessible!)

    Feel free to click around, see the new (and old!) stuff, and I hope you enjoy this new site as much as I do :) – The Guestbook is also new, so you can go ahead and make some comments on there and I’ll be sure to read them.

    posted by Kim @ 12:05PM  

    I have added 29 photos of Idina from her new musical Off-Broadway, See What I Wanna See (all photos courtesy and copyright of Michal Daniel) — These pictures are absolutely incredible, and she looks stunning in each and every one. So go check them out at the Gallery!

    According to, See What I Wanna See> has been extended 2 full weeks until December 4th! No official word on if Idina will be staying with it until then, though sources say she definitely plans to.

    OCTOBER 13, 2005     REGIS & KELLY VIDEO!
    posted by Kim @ 2:55PM  

    I have uploaded and added the video clip of Idina and the rest of the cast of the movie Rent on “LIVE With Regis & Kelly”, where they sang “Seasons of Love” and chatted with Regis and Kelly about the movie and coming back into it 10 years later – The clip is on the TV Videos Page to download, so go check it out if you missed it!

    I also added a couple screencaps of the appearance (more will come soon once I get the chance to go through the video again) in the Gallery :)

    posted by Kim @ 12:25AM  

    Just a reminder, Idina’s new Off-Broadway show, See What I Wanna See, premieres tonight (aka starts previews) – Make sure to go and check out the show if you are in the New York area, tickets are going fast! Anyone who’s already planning on going, have fun!
    Read a quick article about it here @

    posted by Kim @ 2:30PM  

    Check out this month’s issue of PREMIERE Magazine (it has Jake Gyllenhaal on the cover)
    — Inside, there’s a 2-page spread on Idina and Taye title “Rent, a Love Story” with a great full page photo and article! Make sure to remember to pick this one up!

    posted by Kim @ 12:40PM  

    Idina has signed a solo record deal with Warner Brothers Records! It is nonchalantly mentioned in this article about the Rent soundtrack, which ranks #99 on the Billboard Top 200 list.

    Also, the cast of Rent is scheduled to appear on “Live with Regis and Kelly” on October 13 (a week from today!). It’s syndicated, so make sure you’ve got the right channel and time for your area — I’ll for sure get the video up as soon as possible no matter what.

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