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While everyone who runs or has run Idina-Here does it because we love Idina and working on the site, we can’t possibly do it all alone and help is always appreciated. We have been lucky to have amazing friends and strangers offer their help (read about them here) over time. Thank you!

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Unfortunately, while I love running this site and putting together everything I can for all of Idina’s fans, it does cost quite a bit of money every year. I hate asking for money, and while I am willing to pay for maintaining the site, help would of course be wonderful! So if you’re a frequent visitor to the site or appreciate all that’s on here, consider contributing to keeping this site on the web just a little bit longer. You don’t have to give a lot and any amount would help.

There are three ways to contribute:

1) Donations of $10 or more using PayPal
Use the button below and follow the instructions on the page. All money will go directly through Dreamhost to a fund for this site, you would in no way be giving money directly to me.

Donate towards my web hosting bill!

2) Donations smaller than $10 using PayPal
Unfortunately Dreamhost has changed their rules so that a $10 minimum is now required to donate directly to the site.  If you want to donate less than $10, please contact me at heather(at) to get our Paypal address.  We’ll then transfer the money to the site’s account.

3) Use this site as referral
If you’re interested in starting a site of your own and would like to use Dreamhost as your host, use us as your referral! Click here to sign up at Dreamhost and get 40% off your annual hosting plan! (that’s $50 off!). We’ll receive a commission that will go directly to cover our hosting costs.

To find out about the services Dreamhost has to offer, or to sign up to create your own site, visit

See our list of past contributors here

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Idina-Here is a website made by fans for fans. Your opinion helps us make this site better! If you see anything you don’t like, have an idea of things you’d like to see on the site, or simply liked something and would like to comment on it, please let us know! We love hearing your thoughts on the site. Also, if you have info, photos or anything that isn’t on the site and you’d like to share with other fans, let us know through this form.

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